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Becoming Fashion Free!


In Christ, I am FREE! Fashion FREE!

I am:

  • Free to worship God with my whole heart, not having to divide it to serve fashion.
  • Free to reflect God's glory, instead of seeking to promote my influence through fashion.
  • Free to be modest at all times and in all ways, so as to never stir up impure thoughts.
  • Free to be humble and meek, and represent the lowly Jesus, free from pride and vainglory.
  • Free to use my time for God's service instead of serving fashion through frequent shopping.
  • Free to use my money for God's cause instead of spending it on vanity.
  • Free to love my brothers in purity and sincerity, caring about their salvation.
  • Free to love my sisters in humility and compassion, exerting a godly example on them.
  • Free to witness without sending a confusing, double message.
  • Free to courageously stand for what is righteous, pure and holy.
  • Free to wear my hair in a plain, easy to care for style, free from fashion's fads.
  • Free from continually needing to dye/bleach my hair to an unnatural, artificial color.
  • Free to have a fresh, natural face, reflecting a healthy glow, without the worldly masks of make-up.
  • Free to have natural fingernails and toenails, without needing to decorate or paint them.
  • Free to dress in a feminine way, free from the attempt of fashion to blur the gender boundaries.
  • Free from the desire to deck myself with jewelry and other glamourous additions, which would stir up pride.
  • Free from the vile, reprehensible idolatry called FASHION!

As Christian women, we have the privilege and responsibility of sending a loud and clear statement by our appearance that we love God with ALL our hearts!

We do NOT love the world! Our home is not here. Our home is in heaven. Praise the Lord! You can be FREE in Christ!

Dear Sister, will you decide to be FREE from the bondage of Fashion today?






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