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When we choose to stand on God's side, He transforms our thinking and gives us new perspectives. The glitz and glamour of the world, the unnatural, artificial, no longer appeals to us. If we learn to see from God's view, our attractions are switched. What used to dazzle and enamor us now seems cheap, phony, disgusting. What used to seem "old fashioned, straight-laced, prudish," now draws us. It's God's transforming process at work in us.

The unconverted woman seeks glamour, artificial beauty that comes with adornment, cosmetics, accessories, fashion and glamorous hairstyles.

The world has effectively brainwashed society, so that it is common to admire appearances that are displeasing to God. We are bombarded with "before and after" glamour pictures that show a woman with a cleanly washed face, with her hair simple and natural, depicting that scene as an ugly, "before" picture, and then we see the woman with an abundance of unnatural make-up, jewelry, elaborate hair style, and perhaps an immodest neckline. While the "before" picture looks plain compared to the "after" picture, we are programmed to think that "plain" is ugly, and artificial glamour is beautiful. Our thinking becomes conformed to this world. But when God steps in, He works to transform our thinking "by the renewing of our minds." No longer are we programmed to think like the world thinks. Now, "plain" is beautiful and artificial glamour is ugly!

This is a radical concept. To the world, God's principles are radical. God requires that His followers sever their friendship with the world. That means, God will transform our minds so we no longer love and appreciate that which operates on worldly principles. A converted person will no longer admire the beauty of the world, but instead, will admire the beauty of holiness. Holy beauty does not need artificial enhancements.

God's transformation of thought terminates our idolatry to the goddess of fashion. It removes any attachment with the worldly ways.

Let's make a practical application of this truth. We can see how the unconverted, worldly women seek attention and admiration through adornment, cosmetics, accessories, fashion and glamorous hairstyles. Through these elements, Satan generates pride, vanity, lust and selfishness in the hearts of the wearers and the beholders.

God teaches us in His Word that His followers are to seek humility, meekness, purity and self-denial in everything we do, including the way we present ourselves to the world. That would mean that everything about our appearance should exemplify God's principles, and defy the world's practices.

Many women who profess to be Christians actually hate the thought of presenting themselves before the world with a plain appearance. They still operate by the world's philosophy. They want to be accepted and admired by the world. They think they can serve two masters, but Jesus declares that they cannot.

Test yourself: Do you have the desire to draw attention to yourself? Or do you rather hope others will be reminded of the meek and lowly Jesus when they see you? Would you rather have others admire your striking appearance, or admire your godly character? Would you rather receive a compliment on how you look, or be acknowledged for your love for Jesus? Which do you seek more diligently as you prepare for the day? Do you spend more time praying, or preparing to impress others? Do you admire women who dress immodestly and adorn themselves with artificial beauty and worldly glamour? Or do you admire godly women who have the courage to dress plainly and modestly? Do you look approvingly and compliment fashion followers, or do you encourage those who deny self, and turn from fashion?

If a woman is truly on God's side, 100 percent committed to Him, having turned her back on the world, and her eyes heavenward, those who see her should be able to tell, just by looking, that she is on God's side. It is true, that a woman can appear in such a way that whoever looks at her can have strong clues as to which God she serves. From the top of her head to the tip of her toes, the signs are obviously visible. If you love God with all your heart, wouldn't you want to make it as easy as possible for all who look at you to instantly know, just by a glance, that you belong to Him?

What are some of these external clues? Your hairstyle can shout "worldliness, vanity, and pride," because of glamorous display, unnatural color, or artificial alterations. The haircut can portray trendy fashion, vanity, or masculinity, or even defiance and rebellion. Or, your hair can be plain, simple, and natural, showing that you are not falling prey to Satan's snares.

Your clothing speaks loudly. You may choose to dress modestly, simply, healthfully and femininely or you can deny your faith by following worldly fashions. When you wear worldly fashions, people assume that you worship the fashion goddess.

Even your shoes speak out about your character. Are you wearing healthful, simple, practical shoes or are they fashionable, and showy? High heels, pointy toes, flashy embellishments make an obviously worldly statement.

While there are thousands of choices we can make regarding our appearance, there are certain choices that clearly identify us on one side or the other. Our face, our fingernails, toenails can be presented in such a way that they say, "Look at me, admire me, or they can say, "Jesus is shining through me, without artificial cosmetics. I am dedicated to Him."

Our appearance reveals our character. It can say, I'm a follower of fashion or it can say, I love Jesus, and I'm willing to dress in a simple, modest way.

A godly woman, with plain, modest attire has the opportunity to reflect the glory of the King of the Universe. How much more beautiful can you get!

Let's seek for the beauty that is pleasing to God, and leave the world to admire their phony beauty.

"Charm is deceitful and beauty is passing, But a woman who fears the LORD, she shall be praised." Proverbs 31:30






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