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What is Modesty?

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What is modesty? Modesty begins with an inward surrender to God, leading us to seek and follow Jesus' counsel. Modesty is the outward manifestation of the inward beauty of the soul, glowing with holiness, humility and purity. When we know Jesus and love Him, we are willing to find out what pleases Him. We become meek and lowly. That's true modesty. It spills over, from the inside out. It is God's work to give us a modest heart, and it is our part to harmonize our outward appearance with His inward transformation.

The spirit of modesty is the spirit of meekness, which casts out all pride. Modesty embraces purity, keeping our hearts and our appearance free from sensuality and lust. It will keep us from following the degenerate fashions of the world. Modesty shows that God has captured our hearts, and that we love Him, and not the world.

Modesty involves not doing or wearing anything that would cause our brother to stumble. It includes not causing our sisters to be envious. It involves not doing anything to attract attention to ourselves, elicit admiration, or the approval of the ungodly. It includes the way we walk, talk, and our body language. It includes not only our clothes, but our hair, our nails, our faces, our shoes, our accessories, everything about our appearance. Since our appearance displays our character to the world, modesty ensures that our witness glorifies God, not self.

True outward modesty is motivated by inward love, love for God and love for our sisters and brothers.

So, what will modesty look like on a true Christian?

Here are some guidelines:

  • Modesty will promote purity of heart. It will not in any way cause our brothers to stumble.
  • Modesty will promote humility. It will not stir up pride in the wearer.
  • Modesty will promote selflessness. It will not cause envy in the heart of the beholder.
  • Modesty will promote spirituality. It will not cause one to take her eyes off of Jesus.
  • Modesty will promote love. It will not cause divisiveness, controversy or class distinction.
  • Modesty will promote separation from the world. It will clarify the lines between the Christian and the world.


Dear Sister, these principles are for YOU to apply personally, not to force onto others who are not yet ready to hear them! We are not called to judge and condemn each other. We are called to individually walk in the light as it shines on our pathway. May God's Spirit be with you!





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