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The High Cost of Following Fashion!


We need to consider the HUGE COST spiritually to those who accept fashion's standards.

When a professed Christian chooses to step over the line in favor of fashion rather than pursuing godly principles, here is what she forfeits:

  • She must take her eyes off of Jesus to study fashion for the purpose of following it. Since fashion changes so quickly, it requires a continual awareness of what's in style. This may mean reading fashion magazines, or watching the fallen stars and models in the media. By copying these agents of Satan, she loses her focus on the meek and lowly example of Jesus.
  • She must allow pride to flourish in her heart, because fashion is based on pride. She must nurture the desire to attract attention to herself, and receive compliments.
  • She must quiet her conscience and block out the Holy Spirit, so she can wear clothing that God would impress her not to wear.
  • She must destroy her sensitive morality, so she can wear whatever immodest style is current: low cuts, bare back, shoulders, midriff, bare knees and thighs, seductive slits, peek-a-boos, tight clothing, sheer or clingy styles, and who knows what's next!
  • She must refuse to love her brothers with godly love, as she is willing to dress in a way that may cause them to stumble. (The purpose of many fashions is to look seductive or sexy.)
  • She must refuse to love her sisters with godly love, because she is willing to dress in a way that makes them envious, or prompts them to follow an ungodly example.
  • She must become an unwise steward of her time and money, because it requires a lot of both to keep shopping for the latest styles. She must buy new clothes even when her current clothing is not worn out, just for the sake of keeping up to date.
  • She sends out a mixed message to all who see her, looking like the world and professing to be a Christian. This hypocrisy provides a bad witness, and is worse than being totally worldly.
  • She must break the heart of Jesus as He recognizes that she loves the world more than she loves Him.
  • She must forfeit her peace with God, and ultimately, her eternal life, which is reserved for all who overcome the world in all its forms (once they are aware it displeases God).

Dear sisters, there is an enormous cost in following the fashions of the world! As Christians, we should conclude that it costs TOO MUCH to follow fashion. We simply cannot afford it, can we?

Now let's consider the benefits of refusing to follow the fashions of the world and finding true freedom in Christ, freedom from the slavish bondage that fashion brings. Read Freedom From Fashion!





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